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Great Beaches, History, Quaint Village, all at Ocracoke in North Carolina's Outer Banks

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Sorry, but we cannot give a refund or re-schedule missed days if you choose not to purchase trip insurance.
  • Cancellation Protection - Protects your non-refundable trip costs if you need to cancel your trip due to a covered reason.
  • Damage Protection- Protects against expenses incurred if you or your traveling companions accidentally damage the vacation rental.

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How To Book

Booking for Zillies Cottage is handled directly by the owners through VRBO, part of the HomeAway family, a world leader in vacation rentals. You can easily check for seasonal rates, available dates and book online, safely and securely. There is also a messaging feature that enables owners and guests to communicate.

New - Please Note: Booking online via the VRBO website now incurs an additional "booking" fee to your rental total. To avoid this additional fee please call Jeff or Wendy Berube directly at (757) 328-5883.

Book Zillies Cottage online by going directly to the VRBO website.

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About The House

Zillies Cottage

About the Cottage

Zillies is designed for two people to show up and have everything they need... bikes, kayaks, beach chairs & umbrella, beach toys, coolers, gas/charcoal grills are all included with your rental. Monogrammed sheets, plush towels and a large DVD library are just part...

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Around Ocracoke

About Ocracoke

Learn about the history, geography, population, and area claims to fame with this list of fun facts and trivia. Ocracoke Islands is roughly 13 miles long, but the village of Ocracoke itself is just 4 square miles in area, and is located on the southern edge of the island.

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Zillies Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Have a look at some of our great photos of Zillies, interior and exterior and get a feel for this amazing beach rental property. We also provide numerous photos of Ocracoke, from the ferry ride in, to the beaches, restaurants, stores, and the qauintness of our village.

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Zillies Guest Book

Our Guest Book

We get wonderful reviews from our guests and take great pride in sharing their thoughts about Zillies with you. They come from all over to enjoy this romantic, cozy cottage getaway and to take in the fresh air, relaxed atmosphere, and unique nature of Ocracoke.

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